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Take Your B2B Enterprise Sales & Marketing Teams to the Next Level

Amplify Your Sales Team's Performance With Impactful LinkedIn Training and Workshops

In the world of B2B enterprise sales, LinkedIn is king. But are you really using it to its full potential?  At TLR Consulting Group we provide customized LinkedIn training and workshops that will give your sales team the edge they need to build their networks, increase their awareness, and generate more opportunities through social selling in the new digital first world..

UNlock the power

Powerful Training Benefits

  • Ignite awareness and visibility for your products or service
  • Increase sales opportunities, while decreasing sales cycles and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Build thought leadership and industry expert positioning in the market
  • Increase employee advocacy and evangelism

 what The Team Will Learn:

Outcomes That Matter

  • Walk away with an optimized LinkedIn profile that positions you in the top 1% of your industry
  • Learn how to build and grow your LinkedIn network to have direct access to ideal prospects
  • Learn how to develop a thought leadership and content strategy that positions you as an industry expert
  • Learn how to integrate LinkedIn as part of your sales process to better identify, build relationships, and penetrate key accounts

The Power of Social Selling

Increase Your Sales Opportunities With LinkedIn

Our training and workshops will help you unlock the full potential of LinkedIn, so you can find more qualified leads, differentiate your product from the competition, and manage and expand relationships with current clients.

 Ready to Take Your Sales to the next level?

In the world of B2B enterprise sales, LinkedIn is king. But are you really using it to its full potential? Our agency provides customized LinkedIn training and workshops that will give your sales team the edge they need to build their networks, increase their awareness, and generate more opportunities through social selling.

 Tailored Training and Workshops to Meet Your Needs and Goals

Our team of experienced LinkedIn experts will work closely with your sales and marketing teams to develop a customized training program that meets your specific needs and goals. From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to building a strong and relevant network, creating engaging content, developing effective social selling strategies, and measuring and analyzing the results of your LinkedIn efforts, our training and workshops cover it all.

Overcoming Obstacles and Embracing Social Selling

We know that shifting your sales team's mindset towards social selling isn't always easy. That's why our training and workshops provide a hands-on, practical learning experience that will help your teams apply their new skills immediately. We'll guide you through the process and help you overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Empowering Your Sales Team for Success

At the end of our training and workshops, your sales and marketing teams will be empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to leverage LinkedIn effectively and generate more opportunities through social selling. With increased network growth, lead generation, and sales, our training and workshops will help you achieve your sales goals and transform the way your team approaches social selling.

Transforming Your Sales Process

By taking advantage of proper LinkedIn training and workshops, you'll gain a competitive advantage over other B2B enterprise sales teams. Our program is designed to provide a long-lasting impact on your sales team's approach to LinkedIn and social selling, giving you the edge you need to succeed in the highly competitive world of B2B enterprise sales.

Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn

You'll see a transformation in your team's approach to LinkedIn and social selling. They will be equipped with the skills they need to confidently navigate the platform and generate more opportunities through social selling.

The Competitive Advantage

The new normal is a sales team that confidently uses LinkedIn as part of their digital sales process. With our agency's training and workshops, you'll have a competitive advantage over other B2B enterprise sales teams. Your team will continue to see success in their social selling efforts long after our training program is complete.

Ready to Unlock the Power of LinkedIn?

If you're ready to take your sales process to the next level with LinkedIn training and workshops, contact our agency today. We're here to help you achieve your sales goals and transform the way your team approaches social selling. Don't wait – take the first step on this transformative journey today!

Here’s what others are saying:

Visibility increased by 60%!

We surveyed the team's Linked[In] scores before and after and the results were astonishing. The teams SSI rank improved 22%, their profile views jumped 60%, their appearances in search results is up 75% and their
Network SSI ranking improved 42%! Celeste opened a new door for each of the sellers that will absolutely help them in their professional life! Thank you Celeste and Trevor!

Ross Hosking
Vice President Sales Americas, Radisson Hotel Group

Developing a thought leadership strategy with LinkedIn  to increase my network with meaningful contacts 

Trevor helped teach me everything I know on LinkedIn!  He is one of the best I know at understanding the strategy and tactics to help build your personal brand, as well as your company brand through LinkedIn.

Jeff Winter

Industry Executive, Manufacturing , Microsoft


TLR Consulting Group is a leading provider of LinkedIn training and marketing solutions for corporate and enterprise companies.  As experts in the field, we help organizations leverage the power of LinkedIn to drive business growth, enhance their online presence, and reach their target audience more effectively.

Our team of seasoned LinkedIn professionals provides expert advisory services, customized training programs, and comprehensive consultancy to help companies succeed in the digital-first world. We have a proven track record of success in helping businesses integrate the latest LinkedIn marketing strategies and upskill their employees and teams to maximize their results.

Trevor Robinson, MBA

100% Success Guarantee

We eliminate any and all risk for your organization.  If you are unhappy with any of our workshops or trainings, we offer a 100% refund guarantee.   Partnerships are the lifeblood of our business and we strive to provide value and over deliver at every step in our relationship.


How Long Are The Trainings?

We offer a variety of trainings, which range anywhere from 45-minutes through 3-4 hour half day workshop events.  Depending on your needs, team size, and scheduling, we work with you to determine the best options to assure your goals are met.

Do You Offer Ongoing Trainings?

Yes!  While individual trainings produce amazing results, many companies work with us on an ongoing basis.  We work with these organizations as a partner, deploying training and support over the course of several months.  

What Results Can We Expect?

While results can vary and largely depend on the ability for the leaders to assure their teams are leveraging the tool consistently, you can expect to have your team walk away with optimized and improved profiles, the skills to build and nurture their network, and an overall increase in visibility.   With consistency, you can expect your team to increase demand and sales opportunities, decrease their sales cycle, and improve their conversion rates.

What Size Teams and Companies Do You Work With?

We work with companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups with 3 individuals all the way through organizations with thousands of employees.  Depending on your size and needs, we work with you to help craft a solution and training plan to help achieve your goals.

We Have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Why Do We Need Training?

Sales Navigator is a great tool.  However, it's only as good as the strategy deployed and the presence of the individual leveraging it.  We help companies dig deeper with Sales Navigator and can help assure that you reap the benefits of what the tool offers.  

LinkedIn Did a Training When Signing Up To Sales Navigator. How Is This Different?

LinkedIn offers free trainings to many organizations when signing up for their premium products.  Unfortunately, these are very basic and largely cover how to use the features of the premium product.  Our training supplements this and goes deeper into helping develop a strategy and how to integrate the strategy to fully maximize sales opportunities.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Team?